Artermis was created for a couple of my friends and I's hackathon.

You might be wondering? What's the problem my team and I tried to solve?

Our first hackathon's problem we tried to solve was to target large land owners, farmers, every homeowners, etc whom are scared of intruders, wild animals, and increasing land safety. Our team has fixed that problem by creating a security drone. The drone flys around the perimeter of the owners designated area multiple times a day of the owners choosing to make sure their property remains safe. A recording of the drone flight will then be sent to the owner via text message or through an application. The recording will spot object detection, it can identify animals, people, and etc.

Then for our 2nd we created another autonomous drone that does surveillance that serves indoor and outdoor purposes.

Indoor: We tried to solve the problem on surveillance during an active shooter in an indoor building.

Outdoor: Surveil an outdoor premise of on campus and off campus housing to look out for theft and etc.


What we used:

  • YOLO V5


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