As a Software Engineering Intern @ Verizon I've worked on multiple projects since I joined in June of 2022.

Here's some stuff that doesn't go under NDA that I can talk about!


  • Developed telemetry using AWS EC2 instances to track game performance and collaborated with Nvidia to present critical metrics such as polygon count and latency to customers.

  • Implemented with a team of Swift developers to create a widget application for Apple Watch users to immediately shut down their phone in case of theft or emergency. (Product expected to release next year)

  • Partnered with team Razer Inc. to bring increased gaming experience to users. 

  • Created with a team to do R&D for lost phone tracking using e-sim using verizon proprietary methods.

  • Collaborated with Hi-Rez games to give Rogue Company and Smite players an enhanced mobile experience using MEC and 5G.

    Programming languages and skills I've used on the job: Solidity (a blockchain language), AWS, Swift/Swift UI (Watch OS), Juniper Networks, Hardhat, Blender, Unity, Blender, Docker, Python, Linux, etc.

These are just only a handful that I've worked on, I'll update when I can talk about more!